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High Efficiency Easy Operation Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment For Dog Food,Low Noise

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High Efficiency  Easy Operation Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment For Dog Food,Low Noise Design


pet dog, food production equipment, are the all-automatic as well as food-grade processing line. You can make any form of pet food according to various market requirements. To enhance the healthy protein as well as different other nutrients for our pet, dog food production devices use meat powder, grains, beans as well as vegetables as raw materials to generate pet food with new form, unique taste to let them live healthier.


Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment Reference Parameter:

Product name

dog food manufacturing equipment



Capacity (kg/h)

Installed Power (kw)

Actual Power (kw)

Dry Type















Wet Type
















Our handling line takes on advanced global innovation. The pellet's size is exceptionally even.we can change the cutter speed and the dies to get a different size and also the size product. The Electric heating tool system can control the temperature accurately. High temperatures and also high pressure can eliminate salmonellosis and bacterial infections. This line can produce high-protein dog food. This line only needs 3 employees.


Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment Advantage:

Product name

dog food manufacturing equipment

stable operation

advanced technology

Easy to  clean

Stainless steel

Low noise

Comfortable working environment

Does not pollute the water

Does not sink

Heat Dissipation

With scientific cooling system

Covering the area is small

Simple structure

High moisture content

More conducive to storage


All pet food devices are constructed from stainless steel. The family pet food entire line totally continual as well as automatic. The leader supply standard animal food formula according to your requirements. The final family pet food shapes and sizes can be different by altering the mold. Supply different size mold at no cost. Loading equipment could be supplied to work with the pet feed assembly line (depending upon your requirements).


Our expert specialist can install the equipment and take the test manufacturing according to the demand of the customer. Our professional additionally educate equipment drivers at the client's place to run and troubleshoot all the problems, to make sure that later on, they can manage every little thing easily with no trouble.

The leader is a specialist automated family pet treat pet food production maker equipment, manufacturer. With our many years of research study and study, automated dog food manufacturing machine techniques have actually been commonly made use of in several fields. We can additionally give pet junk food manufacturing machine making production line according to customers' unique demands.

dog food machine

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