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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Food Grade Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment,Dog Food Processing Equipment

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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Food Grade Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment,Dog Food Processing Equipment Design


Our dog food production tools are applied to produce dog food, feline food, fish feed and also other allied animal food manufacturing devices can generate any pet food of appearances, shape, dimension, tastes as well as color by the full dog food device line.


Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment Reference Parameter:

Product name

dog food manufacturing equipment


Capacity (kg/h)

Installed Power (kw)

Actual Power (kw)






















It embraces a speed-adjusted converter on the feeding system, extrusion system, and also reducing system, which can adjust the rate with more effective drive, secure operating, as well as low usage.The automatic lubrication system in the gearbox, it could minimize power consumption as well as lengthen the life.


Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment Advantage:

Product name

dog food manufacturing equipment

high automatic

frequency speed controlling

screw life is longer

alloy steel and speical craft

life longer

forced lubrication system

parameter more precise

auto-temperature control system

it can be cleaned without disassembling

self cleaning

improve the feed expansion rate

electric heating device

makes the pellets easily to digest

high temperature and high pressure


Dog food manufacturing equipment has an integrated screw as well as covering extension; the material is long as well as the temperature can be adjusted, and also the output torque can be gotten used to making the material extruded high as well as the surface area is smooth. Different kinds of feed can be made, which can be done: put on hold marine feed pellets, immersed fish as well as shrimp crab feed bits, pet food pellets, fishing feed grains, and more.


Give manufacturing facility layout according to your factory size in advance; Offer the standard formula; Evaluate the equipment before leaving the factory; Oversee the installation and also appointing apparatus; Give English Version of Setup/ Procedure/ Solution/ Upkeep Handbook.

Genuinely welcome you to see our factory, we have an expert designer to communicate with you face to face, you can additionally attempt to show the manufacturing procedure, superior service, as well as top quality of the maker, is the characteristics of our firm.

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