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High-power Fully Continuous Automatic Batter Breading Machine With Flour As Raw Material

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High-power Fully Continuous Automatic Batter Breading Machine With Flour As Raw Material Design


automatic batter breading equipment layers equally the hen, beef, meat, and seafood a top coat by outpouring crumbs from the receptacle and a lower tier while the products are passing the conveyor.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Reference Parameter:

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automatic batter breading machine


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Exceptional crumbs blood circulation system practically lower the reducing damage of the bits, very easy to realize the primary production. Reliable defense device.SIEMENS electric apparatus.Access to previous, damaging machines and also fryer for a continual manufacturing line.Stainless steel made, innovative style, affordable structure, as well as trustworthy attributes.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Material:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine








The space between the top and reduced belt can be readjusted, which is suitable for various products. Using SIEMENS electric apparatus, as well as a dependable security device. Disassembly style is simple to clean, It has actually fulfilled the HACCP criterion and acquired the CE certification. A powerful blower can eliminate the excess batter. Independent result belt readily available for your selection.


Aid you to pick devices, layout production process flow According to the client's real manufacturing environment as well as production requirements. Provide telephone assistance for devices installment and also debugging, or send out a service technician to set up and also debug device and educate your workers if needed.

A leader is one of the modern-day food equipment and devices manufacture, incorporated with r & d, production, and also sales. Machinery and devices are widely made use of in fried, conditioning food, surimi items, veggies, fruits, marine items, canned food, meat, soy products, junk food, and also herbal handling as well as various other areas.

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