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380v 50hz 3phase Fully Automatic Automatic Batter Breading Machine,Commercial Batter Mixer

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380v 50hz 3phase Fully Automatic Automatic Batter Breading Machine,Commercial Batter Mixer Design


The automated batter breading machine can be made use of in conjunction with the automatic meat pie molding device, as well as it can additionally be made use of alone. It can size the prominent hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, fish-flavored hamburger patties, potato patties, pumpkin pies, meat buns, and other items on the market. It is the optimal sizing tool for fast food stores, distribution centers, and also food factories.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Basic Info:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine



Automatic Grade


Place of Origin


Brand Name








Machine material

Stainless Steel






Multi-purpose, extensive use of necessary materials, abundant products. It can be linked to powder equipment, molding maker, frying device as well as various other devices. Both slurry and thick pulp can be utilized, which is very easy to run, hygienic, secure, and dependable.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Material:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine

raw materials

pork, beef, chicken, fish, onion, potato and so on


tempura,hamburger,, potato pie, pumpkin pie and kebab


Supply free relevant training as consumers required. Long-term technical support.One year warranty, life-long maintenance; 24-hour online for a professional consulting solution; As soon as Troubles on devices, supply phone, or on-site troubleshooting mistake response strategy.

Leader. is a specialist company specialized in looking into, developing, and manufacturing food handling equipment. Our significant items include meat vacuum cleaner stemless glass, automated batter breading maker, etc. Our products are offered to numerous locations and also areas in China and overseas. We export our products to America, Russia, Vietnam, Belarus, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan, and others.

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