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High Output 304 Stainless Steel Material Automatic Batter Breading Machine,No Pollution

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High Output 304 Stainless Steel Material Automatic Batter Breading Machine,No Pollution Design


automated batter breading maker: meat (chicken, beef, mutton, pork), water products (fish, shrimp, etc.), veggies (potatoes, pumpkin, eco-friendly beans, etc.), cheese as well as their blends.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Reference Parameter:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine



Power source























Stainless-steel made creative design, affordable structure, and stable features. It is suitable for the processing procedure before breading as well as predicting; Special design of the batter pump can significantly decrease the cutting of the batter.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Advantage:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine

Easy to use

SIEMENS PLC processor

Ensure safety

Automatic failure alarm system

Run smoothly

Magnetic protection switch (safe cover)

Reduce the cutting of the batter

Special design of batter pump

Easy to clean

Fast-combine design

Meet different production needs

Easy and reliable adjustment

Quality assurance

SIEMENS electric apparatus


Secure and also trusted adjustment; Reputable safeguarding tool; Can be precisely incorporated into a piece of farming equipment, a breading machine, or a fryer to understand the continuous making.


From the day in which the item is certified appointing. Any damage except the illegal operation throughout the service warranty period is fixed freely. Yet the traveling as well as resort expenses ought to be paid by the buyer. Engineers offered to solve machinery overseas.

Our firm carries out human-oriented administration as well as follows the standards that top quality and also clients' passion preceded. We will continuously suit to markets' needs and also bring our benefit right into full play to offer the best solution to all customers.

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