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Electricity Diesel Steam Gas Automatic Batter Breading Machine With Low Noise,Self Cleaning

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Electricity Diesel Steam Gas Automatic Batter Breading Machine With Low Noise,Self Cleaning Design


We have incredibly Mature innovation for this line, no matter you will certainly product pasta food like Sesame rice cake, Ma jujube cheese strips or meat snacks like poultry patty, Fried chicken drumsticks, burger meat, or veggie pie like Potato cake, Pumpkin pie, and even seafood like fried fish steak, prawn, squid, and so on with extensively application as well as top quality of end products, the machines are top-rated in your home and abroad.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Reference Parameter:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine





Net belt speed


Meat Thickness


Output height



380v/50hz, 11.12kw

Net belt width


Water temperature


Production speed


Air source

6 Bar

Water source


External size





Using movable take advantage of cars and trucks and also brace, make devices action quickly. It is convenient to adjust or transform molds. The pressure change is comfortable, fashionable as well as simple to please the demands of the product's weight. Water spray gadget, easy mold launch demands.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Advantage:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine

precision quantify

convenient and fast to change product

High output

stable quality

Operating easily

Adopt PLC control,can setting different drying curve

High automation

can automatically complete filling, molding, such as the output process.

Running Stable

Exact control temperature and humidity

Using hydraulic transmission

high degree of automation

Using movable leverage car and bracket

 make equipment move easily.



A magnetic defense button (guard), the electric interlocking mechanism, and an electrical conversion system with a dependable safety defense device. Omron touch-screen and also CPU CPU procedure, very easy to readjust, so regarding realize the man-machine dialogue.


The above quotation has a shelf life of one year. Throughout the warranty period, the client components are harmed, and also the manufacturing facility is accountable for the substitute. The different long-distance products are borne by the client.

Quality is our life, Good participation begins with trust. We focus on refining device export and also import business. Our company scope ranges from food machines, agriculture machines to meat handling devices, and so forth. A complete assembly line, if you desire, we likewise can give.

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