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Durable Automated Systems Automatic Batter Breading Machine,Safe And Accurate

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Durable Automated Systems Automatic Batter Breading Machine,Safe And Accurate Design


This automated batter breading equipment is the starching machine, which can be utilized independently, additionally can be used to deal with the bread crumbs spraying machine. This device can make use of to saturate the starch onto the hamburger meat pie, poultry meat dice, fish meat pie, potato mash pie, pumpkin pie, meat skewer, and so forth item. Additionally appropriate for the poultry, beef, pork, fish, shrimp, and so forth.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Basic Info:

Product name

automatic batter breading machine






Customzied, 600kg



Automatic Grade


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Production Capacity









It can be gotten in touch with the damaging machine, breading maker, or fried equipment. The entire device is made of stainless steel and various other food made of material, novel layout, affordable structure, reliable in performance.


Automatic Batter Breading Machine Advantage:

automatic batter breading machine


The whole machine is made of stainless steel and other food made of material, novel design, reasonable structure, reliable in performance


It is convenient to adjust or change molds.


Pressure adjustment is convenient, reliable and easy to satisfy the requirements of the product's weight.


It can be connected with battering machine, breading machine or fried machine.


With magnetic protection switch (security guard), the electric interlocking mechanism and electrical conversion system, with reliable safety protection device.


Water spray device, easy mold release requirements.


Omron touch-screen and CPU processor operation, easy to adjust, so as to realize the man-machine dialogue.


If international customers require on-site service, the fee supplied by the purchaser is as adheres to visa cost, bed, and board, domestic and worldwide transportation and labor expenses are $150 each day. The manufacturing facility provides lifetime technical support and also continuously supplies spare components.

The leader is the leader and earliest manufacturer in the Chinese food industry, which can use the professional food processing system. We have a full quality control system, progressed design ideology, strict monitoring of manufacture procedure.

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