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380V/50Hz Sterilization High Temperature Industrial Microwave Batch Oven For Baking Food

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380V/50Hz Sterilization High Temperature Industrial Microwave Batch Oven For Baking Food Design


This commercial microwave batch stove is suitable for low temperature dry of thermal sensitive materials, particularly for marketed Chinese medicine, honey, food, etc. The adjustable vacuum cleaner is with this equipment as well as obtain high completely dry rate, it can advance extra for top product quality as well as get attributes of equal home heating, quickly control and also hassle-free installation, etc.


Industrial Microwave Batch Oven Reference Parameter:

Product name

industrial microwave batch oven



Inner chanber size W*H*D(mm)


Exterior chanber size W*H*D(mm)


Temperature Range


Heating area




Temperature control accuracy


Temperature uniformity


Heat-up time



Excellent thermal insulation of vacuum cleaner chamber for low power consumption.Easy-to-clean, as well as a durable SUS304 electropolished vacuum cleaner chamber. Built-in adjustable temperature limiter as well as a fuse for the defense of both examples and oven. Sturdy mirror-polished SUS304 shelf plates (each of them has 15kg load capacity).


Industrial Microwave Batch Oven Advantage:

Product name

industrial microwave batch oven

Easy operation

PLC control automatically

Ensure product quality

One-key operation mode

Reduce material loss

Material temperature can be adjusted

Has no material loss

The vacuum degree is controllable and adjustable

Easy to clean

The inner wall of container is smooth

It occupies small area.

Its structure is compact

Ensure perfect humidity

Forced air supply circulation system


High-performance MCU-based temperature level controller with advanced PID algorithm keeps temperature uniformity (+/- 1 ° F )from reduced temperature to 480 ° F(250 ° C). Twin layer monitoring window with flexible 1/2" toughened up safety glass, in addition to the force-adjustable door handle, maintains consistent vacuum cleaner level also for the long-lasting procedure.


Free examination service before, throughout, as well as after-sales.Free task planning and design solutions upon clients' unique demands. According to the customer's manufacturing facility dimension, manufacturing facility design can be provided in advance. Debugging as well as inspecting equipment up until whatever is useful before leaving the factory.

Aiming to the future with a dedication to creating technology and top quality items, supported by an exceptional degree of customer service. The unexcelled high-quality medical machinery can be conveniently acquired from us because we keep the quality and requirement of our products from necessary inbound materials to the ended up items.

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