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High Efficiency Multifunction Industrial Microwave Batch Oven With Low Malfunction Rate

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High Efficiency Multifunction Industrial Microwave Batch Oven With Low Malfunction Rate Design


vacuum conditions. That suggests the raw product can be dehydrated on its own through it soak up the microwave power. And the supply of this power will not be impacted under the vacuum cleaner conditions. Then the success will definitely be high. Likewise, that can avoid this trouble: only the surface is dry, and the gas can be discharged quickly. The material can be warmed rapidly by microwave heating. The power usage of this kind machine can minimize more than 10% compared with the same kind machine. Therefore, it has top quality, affordable, high return, high effectiveness, secure devices procedure, and so on.


Industrial Microwave Batch Oven Reference Parameter:

industrial microwave batch oven


microwave tube number

microwave input power(kw)

overall dimensional baking tray(mm)

charging tray number

dry amount each time(kg)

equipment weight(Kg)

equipment overall dimensions(mm)


































It is extensively used in heating sanitizing, ripped of medication, biology items, and developing items. It has particular outstanding reliability for several types of pellet, granule drying., As very same, this industrial microwave set oven comes decontaminating function and also has features of soft power, intelligent control. Security, as well as sanitation item, will undoubtedly be produced by it with long storage duration.


Industrial Microwave Batch Oven Material:

Product name

industrial microwave batch oven

raw material 

medicine, honey, Cream,food products, etc.


Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing


The industrial microwave material is 304 # stainless, which fulfills the Chinese clinical GMP requirement. The magnetrons are from Panasonic or Samsung company.PLC controlled, the device functioning procedure is spotted and also upset automatically via far-infrared sensor control gadget as soon as located the trouble.


Technical interaction before design as well as learn regarding the material processing as well as a professional process—examination product for our clients before buying till clients pleased with the last effect. According to the needs of the material drying out process, incorporated with customer's manufacturing needs as well as site planning, make technical plans.

OUR manufacturing facility has a long history, strong toughness, leading market, high residential market share, and fast development in international demand. Professional designers, strict technological orders, according to Chinese high-quality evaluation criteria, passed ISO certification. We have a specialist team of designers, sales team, technical solution team, upkeep team, assurance service. Welcome residential as well as foreign clients to see the production, consumer approval is high.

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