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High Quality No Pollution Industrial Microwave Batch Oven With Long Performance

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High Quality No Pollution Industrial Microwave Batch Oven With Long Performance Design


industrial microwave batch oven is used for drying as well as disinfecting various sort of food-- snack food, agricultural products, fish piece, slice dried meat, bean items, instant noodles, fast food, dried out fruit, tea, natural herbs, karaoke powder, vegetables, and fruit in the form of powder, granules, slice, etc. It makes the most of the conservation for the activity of products and vitamins, color & nutrition of food. It makes the goods drying and also sterilizing at the same time.


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industrial microwave batch oven


Wardrobe tray



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The industrial microwave oven temperate is regulated and measured by the much-infrared thermostat that is made in the USA. The microwave box of the device is set up a door controlling button, which can quit microwave leak when the oven of the equipment's door is opened.


Industrial Microwave Batch Oven Advantage:

industrial microwave batch oven


Reasonable structure, convenient installation, smooth operation, simple use and long service life;


Unique sealing device makes the distribution of hot air more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality;


Can adjust air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed to achieve the best drying effect;


Most air is recycled and highly energy efficient.


The whole machine has low noise and balanced running, automatic temperature control, and it is convenient to install and maintain.


Wide application range, it is able to dry various materials. It is a universal type drying equipment.


The air inlet port can be added with primary efficiency and medium efficiency filter for users.


The first as well as the superb air conditioning system, which is created of the microwave power change oil and also water(the technology is from the UNITED STATES). The launch of the microwave way is regulated by a unique wave overview, which makes the microwave power is fully released and distributed consistently. The raw product has kept an eye on through the cam and video clip, so the production procedure is straightforward to control in time.


Free appointment service previously, during, and after-sales; Free task preparation and layout services; Free debugging of equipment up until whatever is practical; Free monitoring of equipment' cross country shipping; Free training of equipment upkeep and running directly.

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