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Factory Sale High Quality Hot Air Dryer With Energy-save

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Factory Sale High Quality Hot Air Dryer With Energy-save Design


constant belt clothes dryer is a continuous drying tool for batch equipment, which is utilized for drying half-cracked, strip, granular products with good gas permeability. It is especially suitable for dehydrated vegetables, stimulants, Chinese organic items, and also various other products with high water content and low tolerance to heat.


Continuous Belt Dryer Reference Parameter:

Product name

continuous belt dryer



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The machine is geared up with a unique air separating apparatus, it makes the hot air distribute uniform better and guarantees the top quality of products is constant. Heating sources can be steam, conduction oil, electrical power, coal (oil), or hot air heating system.


Continuous Belt Dryer Advantage:

Product name

continuous belt dryer

improve product quality

keep color and composition

easy to operate

control panel or PLC control

full functioning

while drying ,also have sterilization function

dry continuously

tunnel conveyor belt type

easy to use

the configuration of equipment is flexible

save energy

the multilayer Settings

ensures the consistency of product quality

the unique ventilation device


The vacuum design of the layer makes the water drain out swiftly and boosts the drying out efficiency. The vacuum cleaner level is manageable as well as flexible, the bubble is broken rapidly, the water evaporates quickly, has no overflow disk, and also the product loss (the bubble bursting advantage). It can be made for the entire CIP design (inner circular arc, no dead edge style).


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