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50kw Big Capacity Continuous Vacuum Dryer With Convenient Installation

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50kw Big Capacity Continuous Vacuum Dryer With Convenient Installation Design


The regular belt clothes dryer is a drying tool that uses a steel mesh as a conveyor belt to accomplish continuous drying and is suitable for running water. Given that the conveyor belt is mesh-shaped, it is ideal for drying out regulations or different irregular blocks (such as charcoal, mixed mineral powder developing, food, vegetables, and so on).


Continuous Belt Dryer Basic Info:

Product name

continuous belt dryer



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Long Service Life






Stainless steel

Spare parts

supply the whole lifetime


The product temperature level can be changed and displayed online to lower material loss (temperature level control). Automatic control mode can select a variety of drying outmodes (high speed, standard, reduced rate) and utilize a selection of products drying and process demands (control system). One-key operation setting guarantees the repeatability of the drying phase of products, as well as has the feature of printing, which assists in the internal procedure management and equipment confirmation (control system).


Continuous Belt Dryer Advantage:

Product name

continuous belt dryer

achieve the best drying effect

heating temperature can be adjusted

realize saving energy

most air is recycled

hot air distribute uniform better

unique air dividing apparatus

remove metal impurities effectively

strong magnetism iron removal device

increase material penetrability and drying rate

special hot air drying system

reduced the energy consumption

the machine pre-dehydration process

easy to control

the microwave can be controlled easily


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