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380v/50hz Automated Systems Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables,Low Noise

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380v/50hz Automated Systems Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables,Low Noise Design


The equipment for drying out fruits and vegetables is an excellent, practical power resource that creates warmth by pressing the cooling agent (similar regarding just how a refrigerator compression system works). Next, the 'condenser' launches the heated air by warmth trading of the cooling agent. A 'heating unit,' after that, raises the warmth of the air that originates from the condenser using much less energy. Heatpump likewise does not draw extra air, unlike conventional clothes dryers.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Reference Parameter:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables



belt width(m)








dryer strength(kg water/h)


blower power(Kw)





Applications of devices for drying out vegetables and fruits: chemical product, medicine tablet computer or tablet, such as watered pills,water-honey bolus, honeyed bolus, compressed tablet and also Tibetan pill, etc.all sort of teas, herbs, blossoms, eco-friendly leaves, etc.various dried out meat, like beef, pork, poultry, duck, fish etc.powder for many materials, such as seasonings, other food additives.agricultural products, such as china day, nuts, grains, peanut, and so on.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Advantage:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables

high drying efficiency

large capacity

quick drying speed

high evaporation intensity

wide applications

can dry a variety of materials

easy operation and maintenance

the simple but practical design

less labor cost

PLC automatic control system

no contamination

completely closed system

cut costs

little loss of product


2 models worldly mirror stainless steel and also ordinary cold-rolled stainless steel. Reasonable air cycle to make the temperature level much more uniform. High-temperature safe silicone for sealing the door, high-temperature warmth pipes for the burner to make specific security, and longer life.


Welcome to see our manufacturing facility or the residential clients' factory. Inspect the equipment before leaving the factory. Oversea install and also debug the equipment. Train the first-line operator. Provide the fundamental formula.Operation/ Solution/ Upkeep Handbook: Offered In English.

As a result of their broad support, our market expanded to Europe, South America, Center East, Africa, Oceania, Australia, etc. In the future, we will continue to devote energy and time to discover just how we can much better serve your service.

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