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PLC Control High Productivity Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables,Fruit And Veg Dryer

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PLC Control High Productivity Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables,Fruit And Veg Dryer Design


This maker is mostly utilized for drying out the various type of vegetables and fruits. The fruits will undoubtedly be feed to the conveyor of the clothes dryer and afterward are warmed by the hot air inside the drying chamber. The device is with the vapor heating and also reusing system. The fruit or veggies will be transferred from the inlet to the electrical outlet of the dryer by the stainless-steel conveyor.


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equipment for drying fruits and vegetables


Food Processing, Home







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Food Vegetable Fruit Dehydrator


It has functions of a good seal, high efficiency, totally automatic, reduced energy intake, and so forth.The belt is with clean materials which can match various foods requirement. The belt speed can be controlled by inverter. The collection of microwave oven is commonly used in industry, farming, chemical, medication, timber, and so forth.


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Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables




white turnip


bamboo shoot


We will give 1-2 engineers to the client's factory for the installment as well as show totally in 10 days. The customer requirement provides the area with food, round-trip transportation, visa, and a nominal $40 everyday subsidy each.

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