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High Quality Adjustable Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables With Low Consumption

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High Quality Adjustable Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables With Low Consumption Design


Using forced warm air cycle within equipment for drying vegetables and fruits, without air separating plate, the material can be dried uniformly. Vapor, warm water, powder, FRI all can be made use of as home heating resources. Various applications; all types of materials drying; among most typical drying out equipment.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Reference Parameter:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables



Microwave frequency(MHZ)


Output efficiency(kw)




Dehydration speed(Kg.h2o/kw)


Conveyor width(mm) customize


Transmission speed(mm/min) Customize


Temperature uniformity(ºC)


Overall Dimensions  (L*W*H)mm



Gentle drying out at middle and also reduced temperature level (20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃) - Fragrance, look, and bioactivity are mostly retained. High efficiency via the use of a heat pump system for removing air moisture. Drying out in a closed covered room, no international material contamination, and also no reliance from the climate. All in one layout, procedure straight after power switched on.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Advantage:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables

Easily control

controlled by PLC system

Short processing time

the heating speed is very fast

Improve final product quality

disinfection and sterilization

Energy savings

no heat loss in the heating process

Uniform heating

uses microwaves that reach inside the food

Control temperature accurately

imported infrared thermometer

Environmental friendly

do not produce "three wastes"


Closed cycle drying out, no contamination to the environment, and also bordering climate, according to the demands of environmental protection. Conveyor belt material transport can understand bulk sludge drying: Quick-drying, extraordinary impact, and significant energy saving. High-pressure electric area sanitation, the non-heavy metal sludge, can be directly used for farming after drying out.


Assist you in selecting one of the most suitable machines. Making the equipment according to your request. Give your machine's details and the video to help you utilize it a lot better—a year warranty. Quality problem, we will certainly send you the accessories. Free repair whole using life without extra fee.

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