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100kpa Electricity Diesel Steam Gas Automatic Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables

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100kpa Electricity Diesel Steam Gas Automatic Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Design


The equipment for drying fruits and vegetables is a food drying tools, which can dry out different materials, such as agricultural product drying out, Chinese natural medicine drying, fruit drying out, feed drying, tea drying out, nut drying out, chili drying, jujube drying, garlic drying, veggie drying, etc. According to the attributes of the item, the change speed, wind speed, and temperature can be adjusted to accomplish the stability of the product drying out. This collection of dryers have the advantages of rapid drying rate, high dissipation strength, and right item top quality.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Basic Info:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables


Tray Dryer



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Key Selling Points

Energy Saving


2 Years


Stainless Steel


Drying Food


Commercial Usage


The completely automated procedure, no requirement for hands-on supervision. Batch continuous and automatic drying. Sludge with water web content over 80% can be rapidly dried out to water web content listed below 30%: the modular device, tiny profession area, simple to change equipment operation position.No framework required.


Equipment For Drying Fruits And Vegetables Advantage:

Product name

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables

easy to clean

304# stainless steel

easy to operate

modular design

high effciency

a heat pump system

no foreign material pollution

drying in a closed sealed room

cut costs

condensate available for further use

no human duty after setting

automatic intelligent control

all in one design

operation directly after power switched on


For the majority of the makers, the quality is ensured for one year given that the day of shipment expert wearing components, we provide the online solution for all the equipment, as well as likewise supply the spare parts regularly with cost price, for some complicated maker or plant, we can send our designer overseas also.

The leader is the biggest drying out tool, food devices r & d, and manufacturing base in the Central Plains. The products are exported to greater than 90 nations and regions globally and are genuinely liked by customers. The company has greater than ten years of sector method experience, more than 100 online workers, with innovative production modern technology group, advertising group, perfect after-sales group.

equipment for drying fruits and vegetables, equipment for

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