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304 Stainless Steel Material Eco-friendly french fries maker machine,Low Cost High Output

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304 Stainless Steel Material Eco-friendly french fries maker machine,Low Cost High Output Design


Fruit and vegetable chips were made from a range of fresh vegetables and fruits by low-temperature vacuum frying. The chips kept the original color, taste as well as nutrition of the fruit and vegetable and without making use of chemical additives, it has numerous advantages like slim, low calorie as well as high fiber qualities, crispy as well as delicious, helpful for health.


French Fries Maker Machine Reference Parameter:

Product name

french fries maker machine





Output (KG\batch)


Processing time (min/batch)


Oil temperature (℃)


Main heating method


Power supply


Machine size (mm)



Applicable to the items are fungus, broad beans, green beans, peanuts as well as other nuts; casserole, potato chips and also other puffed food; Jiangxi, feline ears, Shaqima, twist, and even various other face items; meat, hen legs and multiple other meat items; yellow croaker, octopus. And different other aquatic products; dried bean curd, bean curd, and more, etc.


French Fries Maker Machine Advantage:

Product name

french fries maker machine

meets the requirements of HACCP

stainless steel

improve the efficiency

high-efficiency vacuum system

constant oil temperature

stainless steel coil heating


anti-vibration system

simply operation

PLC programed control

prevent the oil residue

quality thick and long heating tube

prevent the temperature getting too high

double insurance with temperature limiter


Made by stainless steel.Automatic oil temperature level control. It can filter the dreg instantly and also can be geared up with a frying circulation-filtering system—convenience washing. The automated oil-filling Home heating way can be electrical energy, LPG, or gas. Electricity dripping protector.When the temperature level anomaly, the guard will work and also provide an alarm.


Technological guidance of frequently asked questions. One year guarantee for the entire machine except for the quick-wear part.24 hrs of technical assistance by email/phone. Calling, network, or door-to-door service.use friendly English software program, customer guidebook, and complete Videos/CD.

We have ten years of french fries line manufacturing experiences. All the lines can carry out automation control. Oversea install and keep service can be provided. The track can be design according to the client's reasoning as well as manufacturing facility sizes. We can give full production support, decades of participation of our customers.

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